4 Smart Investments for Young Adults

When you’re young, the world is your oyster. You have a job, you’re earning well, and you’re just beginning to explore the life that’s ahead of you. 

But if you are to be smart about your future, now is the best time to start building your financial portfolio with these four smart investments:



Time and compound interest are your biggest financial advantages as a young adult, so you have to maximize it by making sure that you save up early for retirement. Just imagine that if you start building your savings in your 20s, you’ll have enough time to accumulate at least 20 years’ worth of retirement savings. This gives you more financial security and freedom for when you are already in your late adulthood years.


Real estate

Most—if not all—seasoned investors have at least one real estate investment in their portfolio, and it’s because a property is one of the easiest to invest in. But it also brings a lot of revenue if managed properly. If you’re not too keen on investing in a house just yet, you can start by looking into a Deanside land for sale in an upcoming community where you can slowly work on building a house or commercial building in the coming years. 

A lot of young investors invest in properties and sell them when the market is good. Managing real estate investments also doesn’t require a lot of expertise and effort, so it’s a good starting point for you as a young investor.


Debt elimination

With student loans being a huge issue among young adults, it’s very important to make sure that you pay off any debt you have because it will prove to be a limitation in the long run when you’re already trying to build your portfolio. 

Eliminating debt means being able to start from scratch, so you don’t have to worry about any limitations in your cash flow. Although it’s almost impossible to eliminate debt, paying off what you can will allow you to invest your money in things that will give you more financial leverage in the future.


S&P 500 index funds

Since you have the advantage of time, you should focus your portfolio on growth-oriented assets. This will allow you to maximize your compounding interests, which means you get to enjoy a higher return on investments in the years to come. The S&P 500 Index has been one of the strongest forms of investments since 1926 that gives you an annual return rate of at least 10%, making it an excellent source of compound earning for young investors. Take the time to do your research, so you can learn more about these funds and the best options for you.


Starting young is the best way to go when it comes to creating a stable financial future for yourself. Whether you’re starting with a piece of property or dabbling with stocks, you have the power to make the most of your investment because you have the advantage of time.

Get Smarter About Your Finances: Here’s How

Being young and earning well, it’s easy to get lost in your freedom and not think about the future when it comes to your finances. But managing your money wisely should be one of your most important responsibilities if you want to live a comfortable life for the long term. Here’s how you can start getting smarter about your finances:


  • Define your goals.

Before you could create a budget or work with a financial planner, you need to determine your goals first. Are you saving up for a house? Do you want to buy a new car? Are you keen on investing? Do you want to eliminate your debt? Knowing what you want to achieve will make the rest of this process easier.


  • Draft your budget.

A budget is a must if you want to achieve your goals because it allows you to live within your means. While there are no hard-and-fast rules for budgeting, the 50/30/20 method is a great way to start. This means 50% of your income is allocated towards living essentials like groceries, rent and utilities, 30% is for discretionary spending like shopping or eating out, and 20% is allocated for the future like saving for your retirement, paying off your debt, and building an emergency fund.


  • Limit your debt.

You will have some debt at some point, especially if you need to make a huge purchase or you need money for emergencies. Debt could be beneficial at some point, especially if it means you get to acquire an asset or invest in a business. But if you want to secure your finances for the long term, you must limit your debt so you don’t spend the years of your life paying it off instead of building wealth. 

If you’re still not financially stable enough to buy a house, go with the more economical option of renting until you can save up enough money to put into a down payment. You also need to use your credit cards wisely because they’re a common debt trap that could easily lure you into buying things that you need and those that you can’t afford. Before you know it, you’re already spending more than what you’re earning and paying off debt for things that aren’t beneficial to your life.


  • Work with a professional.

Organizing your finances could easily get overwhelming, especially when you’re young and still figuring out life itself. But you don’t need to go through this journey alone because you can always work with a company that specialises in financial services Sydney. You can seek advice for getting started with managing your wealth, paying off your debt and just building your wealth not only for yourself but for future generations.

Being smart about personal finances is a must, there’s no way around it. If you want to live a comfortable life and build a bright future for your family, you must learn how to manage your money now.

Top 6 Skills Every New Manager Needs

The training of a new Manager is necessary to the success of any industry. It’s surprising that several institutions spend time, effort, and money in business training their employee, but let their new Managers discover their personal way in the world. It generally makes less sense once you appreciate that employees will just get results whether they are led by a Manager who is very efficient in his role.

Training the New Manager

Each new manager reaches his promotion due to the attributes he has displayed in his previous role. The role of the Team Leader and Manager is a totally different role. This is one of the toughest issues for the new Manager, gaining a perfect appreciation of the Leader role as opposed to the follower. When you explore training for your new Managers, make sure this aspect of the training covers the complete range of titles that will assist the new Manager in truly realize the role.

# The Role of the Manager

What actually is the role and responsibilities of the Manager with respect to his Team, his colleagues, senior management as well as the reaching of results and objectives? It is very essential that this is undoubtedly defined for the new Manager and that he perceives the difference in placing this role versus his prior role as a staff member.

# Success in the Managerial Function

A new Manager must have a clear vision of success. The clearer he is about the end objectives, the better opportunity he has of getting a good start in his role. Any basic training for the Manager must provide him a clear effort towards success. Before becoming a Manager, the staff member can use any of these factors as blocks to reach success. However, removing blocks or coming up with alternative solutions is part of the role of a new manager. Learn more!

# The Manager Is the Owner of the Role

The new Manager should be aware that it is his responsibility to get that final result. Before his Management role, the person may have assumed responsibility for much of his role, yet specific aspects were beyond his control. The role of a Manager is to remove blocks, consume resources, inspire others, repair broken relationships, solve problems, as well as find creative ways to improve. If the new Manager gets a complete appreciation of the role of the above factors, he will be open to working on and developing the necessary skills.

# The Competencies of the Manager

Manager skills include process competencies, people-centered competencies, and personal management. Management training must provide a variety of topics on all sides. The Manager needs an early base in all the aspects, to highlight that he must learn, improve as well as be competent in this aspect of his role. The goal is not for them to be proficient after a training event, this is not possible at all. You always want the Manager to be aware that this is a part in which he must work and improve.

# The Negotiation Skills of the Manager

Negotiation skills are a vital part of the role of the new manager. The new manager must negotiate with his business partners, colleagues, suppliers, and customers. This is not actually something that a new manager can ignore. He must be able to improve win-win strategies using best practices of negotiations. Negotiating is a skill you can learn, but don’t forget to practice practice and practice.

The training of new managers must include the definition of roles, along with the key competencies to be very effective in the management role. To find out more, check out https://www.breadandmoney.com/4-smart-investments-for-young-adults/

Top Four Places for Nature Lovers to Live In

One of the best things that Australia has to offer is its pristine nature, easy access to beaches and a great view of the local flora and fauna. But these gorgeous places are rarely in plain sight, and you need to do some digging to find them. To make the process easier for you, we’re listing our top four places for Kiwis to live in.



It seems that up until recently, Jannali was a ghost town, populated only by amazing nature and wildlife. However, the suburb has long ago become the hub of ongoing development, attracting many new residents. 

Not to mention, the real-estate is pretty reasonably priced, especially when you consider all that Jannali has to offer. In addition to several cute shops, fun cafes and bars, the suburb still has plenty of greenery left. There are plenty of well-kept, clean parks, and all complexes are built in a way that allows for nature to stay part of its fabric. 



Wyee has, somehow, been able to create the perfect mixture of town and village. Not to mention, the suburb is surrounded with sand, water, as well as local flora and fauna. Just by walking around Wyee, you can easily see why we’ve listed it as one of our top four green suburbs.

Another thing that Wyee has going for it is that it’s in close proximity to shops, nightlife, and great schools. So, you’ll be in no shortage of fun activities, as well as work and schooling options.

All that being said, the best thing about Wyee is that it has somehow managed to stay an undiscovered gem. So, whether you want to rent an apartment or purchase a home, you won’t have to break the bank to do so. Moreover, if you’re looking for a way to move quickly, and at a fraction of the cost, you should definitely check out the house and land packages Wyee.



Oatley is the perfect place to live if you want to stay connected to the busy city lifestyle while having a green, quiet place to come home. Here, there is no shortage of parks, trees and flowers, making Oatley a wonderful place for nature-lovers.

Additionally, the suburb is in close proximity to great schools, as well as cafes, restaurants and all of the amenities you could ever need. Even if you find yourself going without, or missing some aspects of a bigger city — it will only be a short train or car ride away.

The only slight downside to Oatley is that it isn’t as affordable as Wyee or Jannali. So, you can expect to pay a higher price for both rental and for-sale properties. However, this doesn’t seem to bother the current residents, who are more than happy to call Oatley home.


Final Thoughts

If you’re a nature lover and looking for a gorgeous, green new place to call home, you’ll surely love all of these suburbs. No matter which one you choose, we’re sure you’ll be more than thrilled to start breathing in their pleasant, clean air.

Top Three Most Affordable Places for Beach Lovers to Live in the Sunshine Coast

Truth be told, most people come to the Sunshine Coast with the goal of living close to the beach. But, these properties can set you back a lot and aren’t realistic for most of us. However, despair not, there are still suburbs that offer affordable real estate. Curious to know where they are, and what they offer? Keep reading to find out!


Golden Beach

Golden Beach is a midsize coastal suburb of Caloundra with a population of around 6,000 people. The suburb is located inside of the Caloundra urban centre, giving residents all of the opportunities and amenities they need. However, that’s not what attracts people to the area.

Probably the best part of the Golden Beach is, as one might assume — the beach! The sand is soft and clean, the water pleasant, and there are plenty of cafes, bars, restaurants and resorts along the way.

Thus, this is one of the best places to live if you want to feel like you’re on a vacation every day of your life. Additionally, Golden Beach attracts a lot of families, as well as working professionals looking for a better work-life balance.

The only downside to moving to Golden Beach is that the real estate prices have been on the rise recently. So, if you plan on moving here, we recommend acting quickly.



Mooloolaba is nestled in between the Coral Sea on the east, and the Mooloolah River on the south. So, there are plenty of fun-in-the-sun activities, a huge fleet of fishing vessels, as well as an all-weather harbour. Not to mention, the suburb is home to both the Sydney-Mooloolaba Yacht Race, and the  Mooloolaba Triathlon.

Technically, since Mooloolaba is far (97 kilometres) away from Brisbane, some see it as being away from the beaten path. However, as it’s a part of the Maroochydore centre, you won’t be in any shortage of activities, job opportunities, cafes, restaurants, etc.

The best part is that you can enjoy all of these amazing activities and amenities, without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking to come here as a tourist, or purchase a home and become a resident, there’s plenty of available real estate.



Caloundra is a suburb that comes with a rich history, clean lakes and beaches, as well as well-kept parks. It’s also home to the Hibiscus Caravan Park, a renowned heritage site. Additionally, there’s a Village Shopping Center, golf park, as well as Ben Bennett Botanical and Bicentennial Parks.

When you think of all of the benefits that living in Caloundra comes with, it’s very surprising that the real estate is still quite affordable. The median weekly rate is on par with the state’s average, and even purchasing a home won’t break the bank.

However, if you want to have the best of both worlds, we recommend checking out the house and land packages in Caloundra. In doing so, you’ll be able to find a home that’s move-in ready, and buy it at a fraction of the price.


Final Thoughts

Thanks to these affordable Sunshine Coast suburbs, you don’t have to go broke to go home. Moreover, wherever you decide to go, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy all of the beach lovers paradises.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

The main purpose of a digital marketing agency is to make sure your business reaches more customers with specialized ads that have a high ROI. For those who aren’t experienced in marketing, this may seem incomprehensible and even impossible.

However, this is where marketing agencies come in to explain and hopefully provide you with the best service. If you’re on the market for an agency that knows what they’re doing — make sure they provide the following services.


Market Research

To be able to craft a successful plan, that will generate a high ROI, a digital marketing agency has to do a deep dive into market research. In doing so, they’ll find out who your target market is, how they interact on the web, and what the best ways to reach them are.

Proper market research is the only way to ensure the marketing agency is putting your money to good use and providing you with better results. So, if you run into a marketing agency that offers a one-size-fits-all solution for all clients — steer clear.



Some companies think that it’s all about pumping out content daily, and never consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as an important piece of the puzzle. However, without SEO, your website will hit the bottom of the search page, and will rarely be seen by users.

This is where a digital marketing agency can come to save the day. They will use the knowledge they’ve gained from the market research, and work their magic to ensure each page is optimized. In doing so, the agency will ensure your website sits at the top of the search page, capturing the attention of all customers.


Google Ads

When it comes to getting your message across, and placing yourself at the top of the search page, Google Ads are a must. Moreover, unlike other types of marketing, Google Ads is the only way to ensure your advertisement reaches a customer that’s looking for your specific services.

However, Google Ads is extremely complex and requires the knowledge and experience only a marketing agency professional can provide. These experts can ensure none of your money goes to waste, by keeping your Cost Per Click (CPC) at a minimum and ensuring a high ROI.


Web Design

Web design doesn’t always come to mind when you think of advertising. However, it is very much at the heart of these activities. So it comes as no surprise that a marketing agency can (and should) help you with it. The result of a well-designed website should be more trust on part of the users, and more sales for your business.

If you think about it, you have probably been turned off or become suspect to the quality of services a business provides if their website doesn’t look well-built. Additionally, a marketing agency can ensure elements of the website need to be placed in a way that evokes action on part of the user.


Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell by now, digital marketing agencies can play a huge role in the success of your business. So, it’s key that you identify the needs of your business and find an agency that can provide a solution to them. Our guess is, if they offer the services we’ve listed, and can prove their success — you’ll be set.

The Ultimate Guide to Melbourne Suburbs

If you’re looking for a way to stay close to the hustle and bustle of a big city, while not being in the thick of it all the time — suburbs are the way to go. However, you have to consider your lifestyle and needs, and figure out whether they fit into the suburb you’ve chosen.

To help you out, we’ve created a list of the best three suburbs in Melbourne and separated them into three distinct categories. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll be able to find one that suits you perfectly.

Best Melbourne Suburbs


Brunswick — Best for Students and Youth


Despite being one the oldest suburbs in Melbourne, Brunswick is now the place to be for younger people. Moreover, it’s the hub of arts, and its residents tend to be quite creative. Additionally, it has a rich bohemian culture, exciting music scene, as well as some great shopping and dining spots.

Because of this, and the fact that there are several secondary and tertiary schools nearby, the city’s population largely consists of students. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Brunswick is very walkable, and has a well-connected public transport. Not to mention, there is a big number of recreational spaces in the suburb and surrounding areas.

So, whether you’re a student or an aspiring young artist — you surely won’t go wrong with Brunswick.


Wyndham Vale — Best for Working People & Families with Kids

Wyndham Vale is a scenic, quiet, suburb within driving distance of Werribee and the Melbourne CBD. Here, you’ll find plenty of new estates, schools, a few shopping malls, and a lot of friendly people that call the suburb home.

One of the best things is that there’s also a great deal of land for sale Wyndham Vale, which allows you to get a property at a fraction of the price. So, plenty of working people, as well as families who dream of owning a home are drawn to the area. Additionally, the suburb is constantly developing, allowing homeowners to get a high ROI, after only a few years.

It also doesn’t hurt that Wyndham Vale is surrounded by beautiful nature and well-kept parks..


Surrey Hills — Best for Retirees

Surrey Hills is a low-key suburb, completely enveloped in nature. It consists of smaller blocks of homes, with plenty of green spaces all around. Moreover, the tree-lined streets are very well maintained and don’t see a lot of traffic at most times of day and night. The suburb is also close to great schools, and popular restaurants and cafes.

However, the biggest thing Surrey Hills has going for it is its strong sense of community. Here, you’ll always be met with a friendly smile, wave, and a helping hand if you need one.

All of that being said, this is a good area for retirees, but there are no entertainment options here, and it’s a dry area as well. So, young people may not be the biggest fans of Surrey Hills, but the older generations seem to love it here.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for land for sale Wyndham Vale or a rental apartment in Brunswick, we’re sure you’ll love living in these Melbourne suburbs. All of them have different things to offer to different people, but they all share a sense of calm, green spaces and a strong sense of community.

How to find the Right Financial Adviser for you

It’s never been more important to use the services of a financial planner Sydney. Unfortunately, these aren’t people you deal with every day and so you can be unsure who to turn to. Remember, the vast majority aren’t used to these services because they haven’t used them before. Financial advisers can offer some of the most important services and they are far more affordable than you think too. So, how can you find the right financial adviser for your finances?

Look at Local Advisers

The best place to start your search for a financial adviser is local. Depending on where you live, there can be several services in the local area. This is probably where you want to begin your search because it’s convenient and local to you. You can also visit the office whenever necessary and sometimes, you can feel reassured too. Of course, it isn’t always possible to have a financial planner Sydney on your doorstep, but if there is, they’re worth looking at.

Understand your Requirements

Financial advice comes in all shapes and sizes. There is ongoing advice for investments and pensions; then, there is one-off advice for those who just want to get their finances in order. A financial planner Sydney can also look into your future finances and more. So, it’s essential to understand the type of service you need. It’ll be far easier to find the right adviser for your if you know what to look for. Know more here!

Get Recommendations or Referrals from Trusted Sources

Do you know anyone who has used a financial planner Sydney before? If so, that may be something you want to look into because you can get a recommended service. Remember, it’s highly unlikely for a friend or family member to recommend a financial adviser they’ve had a poor experience with. You should ask around and you might get a referral to a useful service. Of course, if there are no referrals or recommendations then you must go back to the drawing board but it’s still worth looking into.

Look at their Credentials

Most people don’t think about credentials and end up regretting that decision later. It is crucial for you to look at the credentials of the financial planner Sydney, so you know how competent they are. A lot of people don’t do this because they think it doesn’t matter. However, just because someone is in business, it doesn’t mean they’re perfect or offer a decent service. You must take the time to look at their credentials so you can be sure they offer a reliable financial advice service.

Find the Right Financial Planner Sydney

Financial services remain crucial, regardless of your profession or how much you have resting in your bank. Unfortunately, so many people still don’t utilize these services. For some they believe it costs too much money while others believe they don’t genuinely need them. It’s understandable especially if you don’t have millions behind you; however, financial advice can come in many forms and is important. Find the right financial planner Sydney for you and get the help you need. For more details read our article: https://www.breadandmoney.com/how-to-buy-a-property-in-victoria/

How to Buy a Property in Victoria?

There are many reasons to buy a property not just in Victoria, but also anywhere else in the world. Purchasing a home, rental property, or land is considered one of the best investments you can have.

So, for those who are planning to purchase a property in Australia, here are some of the most straightforward steps that you need to follow: 


  1. Start at the beginning.
    First things first, you need to explore your potential home or rental business’s location or locations. Do an ocular inspection in the suburbs of Melbourne, Diggers Rest, or any other locations in the state.

    Remember that neighbouring suburbs also have different prices, so make sure to choose the location that’s best for your budget and your needs. You can also visit trusted websites to check on the costs and even talk to an expert property agent in the local area.

  2.  Learn the process of buying a home.
    a. Where are homes sold?
    There are different places where you can find a property to buy. However, the most common are property groups and developers, private sales, and auction sales. In the two latter sources, you can make an offer to the seller. For property groups and consultants, they can help you find the best locations and prices for your property needs.

    b. Inspect the property first.
    Now that you have an idea of where to purchase your house and land packages in VIC, the next thing you need to do is to inspect the property. It would be best if you did this before making any offers to the property vendor.

    c. Get help!
    Let’s be honest, purchasing a property can be both rewarding and stressful. Therefore, we highly recommend that you ask for help, even if you think that you’ve figured everything out already!

    d. Arrange deposits and settlements.
    Once you have agreed with the price, then you need to work on the payments. It usually involves two parts, the deposit, and the settlement.


  1. Do you need to borrow money?
    If you need to borrow money, you can also work with financial institutions to purchase your property. You can work with credit unions, major banks, mortgage brokers, and other specialty lenders.

    Generally speaking, these institutions will require the following:
    – Fees and conditions which you need to understand for you to decide whether they are suitable for you or not.
    Pre-approval of your loan is essential, which is also necessary even before you search for a property.
    – Also, note that there are extra costs when buying a property, and this includes but is not limited to loan application costs, legal costs, building inspection fees, and rates, and other fees.


  1. Don’t forget your insurance and utilities!
    Ensure you get your property insurance, which includes insurance for your belongings in the home. Once you’ve got your insurance, the next thing you need to do is connect the utilities to your property. These include electricity, gas, water, internet, and phone.


Make sure that you learn and do these steps, and more, before you purchase any property. Talk to an expert today who can help you find your dream investment!

Important Steps When Buying a Property in Australia

Buying property is a milestone that many of us aspire to reach one day. It’s life changing but can also be a daunting task that you know nothing about!

It doesn’t matter whether this is your first time buying a home or owning many different properties and looking for property to invest in. The process will always be a grueling one. There are loads of varying factors that you have to take into consideration.

You don’t just get a property – you carefully plan it all out. Here are some of the most crucial steps you have to take when buying a property to help you out on this endeavor!


Know If You Are Ready

The first step when it comes to everything is to know if you’re ready or not. Getting a property is a crucial commitment, and you should always look before you leap into it. If you have any feeling of doubt when you ask yourself this question, you probably shouldn’t go for it right now.

However, if you know that you can go all in and are confident in both committing and job security, you can move on to the next step!


Check On Your Finances & Finalize Your Budget

The next step is to know how much you have to work with. Have an honest conversation with your accountant to understand what you can afford and how much you can borrow from the bank!

Getting a mortgage shouldn’t be taken lightly – this is a substantial financial responsibility, and you should treat it that way. Ensure you get a copy of your credit file and make sure you don’t have any existing debts!

If your budget is tight, getting Sunbury house and land packages or just a house and land package, in general, can save some cash!


Getting a Real Estate/Buyer’s Agent

If you’re looking for land for sale in Sunbury, getting a local buyer’s agent or real estate agent can help make the process a lot smoother and quicker. You can get information about what’s for sale, where the best housing spots are, and even how the property market is currently performing.


Choosing The Property

Before going home, hoping to see if the available homes are suitable for you – you must have a mental checklist for what you’re looking for. Taking mental notes on features and requirements that your property must have is key to being content with what you eventually get.

Putting location, public transportation, and community quality in mind while choosing the property for you will ensure that the spot is perfect for living in.


Inspecting The Property

Once you start checking out properties, your first impressions will always matter. However, no matter the impression, you consistently have to watch out and inspect it for many things before you cross it off your checklist!

Here are some of the things you have to watch out for:

  • Sagging ceilings – these can be a massive problem in the long run, especially for rainy seasons.
  • Mould – this is always a bad sign and getting rid of it yourself is a hassle.
  • The bathroom – check if the hot water system works and if the plumbing is good!
  • Doors & windows – make sure they all work smoothly,
  • Light and fuse box – make sure every outlet works, and nothing is out of place or damaged!